在伦敦Somerset House的圆顶设备

Pollution-filled domes installed at London's Somerset House

之前前往伦敦萨默塞特府( Somerset House )观赏的游客,可以体会到全球不同城市的空气污染环境,该艺术设备由艺术家Michael Pinsky创造。

这个为地球日创造的设备由五个相互连接的圆顶组成,这些圆顶在萨默塞特府( Somerset House )的庭院内构成一个环。每个圆顶都模仿了不同城市中的空气污染环境。

Visitors to Somerset House in London have been experiencing the air pollution of different global cities, inside a series of domes created by artist Michael Pinsky.

The installation, created for Earth Day, is made up of five interconnected geodesic domes that form a ring in the courtyard of Somerset House. Each of the domes contains an atmosphere that simulates the levels of pollution found in a different city.


在萨默塞特府( Somerset House )的宅院里安装了五个相互连接的圆顶设备/The five interconnected domes were installed in the courtyard at Somerset House. Image is by Peter Macdiarmid



Visitors enter a dome that contains the very pure air experienced in Tautra, the peninsular on the coast of Norway where the project originated.

From this dome they can circulate through the installation to experience what the air is like in London, Beijing, São Paulo and New Dehli.


游客可以体会世界上五个不同城市的空气情况/Visitors can experience the air pollution levels at five locations around the world. Photo is by Michael Pinsky

如今世界上许多重要城市的空气污染水平不断上升,许多规划师正在测验处理这个问题。米兰规划周的展览展现了隈研吾等规划师测验处理空气污染问题的规划概念,上一年Daan Roosegaarde设想了一种能清洁污染空气的自行车。


With levels of air pollution rising in many of the world's major cities, numerous designers are looking to address the issue. An exhibition at Milan design week showcased concepts to reduce air pollution by designers including Kengo Kuma, while last year Daan Roosegaarde envisioned a bicycle that would clean polluted air.

Pinsky created the installation in London to highlight the levels of air pollution people living in a city experience daily – something he describes as entirely avoidable.


“在伦敦,空气污染每天都会影响我和我的家人,但这彻底可防止。” Pinsky通知Dezeen记者,“例如步行和骑自行车方法等简单战略,就可以发生巨大的改动。”


"Pollution affects my family and I every day in London. And unlike many cities in the world, London's pollution is entirely avoidable," Pinsky told Dezeen. "Simple policy changes prioritising the pedestrian and the cyclist would make an enormous difference."

"Many parents still drive their children to school, polluting our streets at exactly the time that children are out on the streets. Children have not yet learnt to breath through their noses so much of the pollution reaches their lungs unfiltered," he said.


圆顶空间重现了特定的环境条件/Specific environmental conditions are recreated in the domes. Photo is by Peter Macdiarmid

在挪威空气研究所(Norwegian Institute of Air Research)专业技术专家的协助下,穹顶中的“空气环境污染”十分安全,不会对人体形成损伤。


The atmospheres created in the climatically controlled domes, which are safe to experience, were created with technical expertise from the Norwegian Institute of Air Research.

They each approximate the specific environments of the cities, which were chosen because they suffer from very different types of pollution.


Peter Pinsky规划的这个设备,首要表达伦敦的空气污染程度/Peter Pinsky created the installation to highlight levels of air pollution in London. Photo is by Peter Macdiarmid

Peter Pinsky的规划意图是改动人们对消费主义和气候改动的看法。


这些设备由伦敦一家名为Build with Hubs的规划公司开发,该公司开发了一套可与当地资料相结合的部件,用于缔造圆顶。该项意图资料来自挪威,这些设备原先也在挪威缔造,运用的是本地收回的挪威云杉。

Pinsky designed the installation to change people's perceptions of consumerism and climate change.

"I want people to engage with the issue of pollution viscerally, to challenge the notion that we alway need to travel in our private bubble whilst consuming cheap goods from the east," he said.

The structures were made by a London-based design startup called Build with Hubs, which has developed a kit of parts that can be combined with local materials to create geodesic domes. For this project the joining elements were brought from Norway, where the installation was previously built with locally recovered Norwegian Spruce used to create the spans.


该设备由当地收购的收回木材缔造而成/The geodesic domes are constructed with locally sourced recovered timber. Photo is by Peter Macdiarmid



该设备已于2018年4月22日地球日在萨默塞特府(Somerset House)投入使用,并于近来完毕展览。这些圆顶设备现在放置在仓库中,正在方案安排世界各地的展览。

萨默塞特府(Somerset House)也是上一年地球日环保主题设备的展览场所,该设备由John Gerrard规划,是一个模仿黑烟的旗号,作为气候改动的标志。

图片来历:Michael Pinsky(除非还有阐明)

"I do think that we all have a responsibility to consider the impact our profession has on others, whether it be locally in London, or globally," continued Pinsky.

"I was particularly interested in working with BuildwithHubs, as it is more ecological to transport only the complex bits of a structure and then source the simple parts locally."

The installation opened at Somerset House on 22 April 2018, Earth Day, and finished today. The domes will now be placed in storage, with plans being formed to take the exhibition around the world.

Somerset House also installed an environmentally themed installation for last year's Earth Day – John Gerrard created a simulated flag of black smoke as a symbol of climate change.

Photography is by Michael Pinsky unless stated.